Team of Experts

Travis Snider, Accelerator Lead Instructor & Business Coach Travis Snider

Travis Snider is a successful business coach and consultant focused on creating profit ideas for small business. Travis developed a collection of “Profit Strategies” of Successful Small Business Owners which guides his profit improvement coaching. This collection includes over 300 profit ideas to “supercharge” any small business. He created a unique set of assessment tools that allows companies to identify and manage key profit drivers critical to growth. Currently the president of BETS Consulting, Travis is a former CPA and partner in local and regional accounting firms with a focus on family owned businesses. He served as Chairman and Director of numerous nonprofit organizations throughout his business career and currently chairs the Snohomish County Public Facilities District and the Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation. Travis writes frequently, and is a regular speaker, about growing small business. He received his MBA from Seattle University.


Andrew Ballard, Accelerator Instructor & Marketing StrategistAndrew Ballard

Andrew Ballard has over 30 years experience in marketing, media and management. His specialties include marketing research, strategic planning, brand development and revenue generation. Andrew is the president of Marketing Solutions, an Everett area agency that develops research-based growth strategies for small businesses. Andrew has worked with and helped hundreds of organizations (from startups through Fortune 500 Companies) achieve significant growth. He is a graduate of the Ford Marketing Institute, and a respected author and educator. His articles on marketing strategy have been published in business journals through all 50 States. His first book, entitled Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter, recently released to rave reviews in both corporate and academic circles. Andrew is also adjunct-faculty at Everett Community College.