Interactive Design

Interactive and website design is heavily focused on satisfying the needs and desires of the people who will use the product. Students study drawing, illustration, design, photography, video, audio, web design, and graphic arts while building computer skills leading to the production of several comprehensive interactive multimedia web site projects. Students learn how to work with clients and agencies and also develop a personal portfolio of their work by the end of the second year.

In the Interactive and Web Design program, students can earn an associates degree, a certificate or an endorsement. For additional program information and advising, please contact Greg Kammer.

Degree: ATA - Associate in Technical Arts

ATA Degree Planning Guide

The primary focus of this degree is job preparation. Courses include, the Web Design series, the Digital Illustration series, Photography, 2D Interactive Animation and 3D Computer Illustration, among others. A number of the courses within the degree are transferable. The Evergreen State College has approved the ATA as an Upside Down Degree.

Certificate in Interactive Web Design

Certificate Planning Guide

The certificate is composed of the "Emphasis Skills" portion of the Associate in Technical Arts degree mentioned above. There are 11 courses, including the Web Design Series, the Digital Illustration series, 2D interactive Animation and 3D Computer Illustration, among others. This allows students to study a wide range of design and technical skills without committing to the entire two year degree program. Certificates can be earned in Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, and Web Design.

Endorsement in Interactive Web Design

Endorsement Planning Guide

The endorsement is a small group of courses that concentrates on one specific skill within the design field. The Web Design endorsement requires 3 classes consisting of Web Design and Imaging Basics, Site Management and Professional Projects or Internship. Endorsements can be earned in Graphic Design, Digital Illustration and Web Design.

Program Outcomes

Students successfully completing a degree with an emphasis in Multimedia Web Design will satisfy program outcomes that are common to the Visual Arts.