Honors Program

Honors at Everett - Stand Out!

What is the Honors Program?

The EvCC Honors Program has been designed to give our students an opportunity to stand out in their applications for transfer to 4-year schools and on their resumes, and to do Honors-level academic work while working toward their AAS degrees at EvCC.

  • Gain an edge in transferring to the 4-year college or university of choice
  • Stand out from the crowd when searching for a job
  • Roll up their sleeves and experience what professionals in the field actually do
  • Sharpen writing skills and build confidence
  • Explore new depths, broaden horizons, and integrate knowledge
  • Experience camaraderie with their peers and professors

All students interested in joining the Honors program must enroll for the Honors gateway classes, HUM 195 & HUM 196 (5 credits total).  These two courses may be taken at the same time or separately, and are both taught during the Winter and Spring quarters.

Gateway courses must be completed with a B or better in order to enter the Honors program and begin work on Honors contracts and an Honors Capstone project.  ENGL& 101 with a B or better is a prerequisite for enrollment in HUM 195 & HUM 196.  Admission to the Honors program is not necessary for enrollment in Honors (HN) sections of classes.

How can I know whether the Honors Program is for me?

You can try it out!  You may take an HN-section (Honors-designated sections will have an "HN" after the course number).  If you apply for admission to the program later on, theses courses will all 'count' towards your Honors Program progress.

Even if you decide not to apply for the Honors Program, your transcript will show that you took an Honors course (ENGL& 102 HN = COMPOSITION II: HONORS).

When can I start?

Whenever you are ready!  Honors sections can be found during Fall, Winter and Spring quarters in multiple disciplines.

Who is eligible?

Any student can take the initiative and begin Honors work. All a student needs is a B or higher in English 101 to get started.

Want to know how it works?

Click here for our Honors Program "map" Acrobat PDF Reader Icon, or tour the linked pages shown to the right.

How can I get more information?