Honors Forum

EvCC's Annual Honors Forum

Everett Community College's 2015 honors program graduates will present their final projects and University of Washington English professor Shawn Wong will speak at the college’s third annual honors forum 5-7 p.m. June 4 at EvCC.

The event is at EvCC’s Henry M. Jackson Center and is open to the public. 

Honors program graduates include Tsoi Miu Au, Lauren Gill, Matthew Groome, Michael Hansen, Amber Lindamood, Chloe Maier and Chelsea Perry.

This is the third year students have graduated from the program. EvCC started its honors program in Fall 2011 to provide advanced academic challenges to students and enable students to stand out when they transfer to 4-year schools. Honors graduates’ achievements are reflected on their transcripts. The program is supported in part by a donation from the Henry M. Jackson Foundation.

At the celebration, students will present information about their honors projects. 

Tsoi Miu Au
Mentor: Dr. Steven Horn, Political Science
Tsoi Miu is an international student from Hong Kong. After earning her associate degree from EvCC, she plans to transfer to a four-year university to major in Political Science. “I found this program really inspiring, especially the Gateway courses, and the lectures that I heard from different instructors.”

Lauren Gill
Mentor: Jason Ripper, History
Lauren will be graduating from Everett Community College with her associate degree and attending the University of Washington in the fall. She was accepted into the pre-health science programand will be pursuing pre-med. “I chose to join the Honors Program because I enjoy challenges.”

Matthew Groome
Mentor: Dr. Diane Brown, Psychology
Matthew graduated from Everett Community College last year and has completed a semester at Northwest University, where he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology. “I’m glad I joined the Honors program because it challenged me to take my education more seriously and enabled me to learn interesting and practical information and collaborate with fascinating individuals.”  

Michael Hansen
Mentor: Deborah Murphey, English
Michael, a father of  four, came to EvCC to make a career change and become a registered nurse. He will graduate with his associate degree in Nursing in the fall, with plans to transfer to the University of Washington to complete his Bachelor of Nursing degree. “My honors work gave me the opportunity to complete research projects in Psychology, discover a microbe in a local lake that is being studied at Stanford as a potential alternate fuel source, and write a new cardiac laboratory experience for Physiology that is now used to teach that class.”

Amber Lindamood
Mentor: Cynthia Clarke, Anthropology
Amber will be graduating from Everett Community College with her associate degree. After graduating from EvCC, she will be transferring to Western Washington University, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Human Services though the Everett University Center at EvCC’s campus. “I joined the Honors Program because I wanted to deepen my knowledge on subjects I’m passionate about, and gain valuable life experience in the field I will be pursuing.”

Chloe Maier
Mentor: Jason Ripper, History
Chloe, a recent EvCC graduate, is a History major who currently attends the University of Washington with plans to continue her studies in graduate school. “I joined the Honors Program to challenge myself and improve my application to universities.”

Chelsea Perry
Mentor: Cynthia Clarke, Anthropology
Chelsea is graduating with an associate’sdegree and will be transferring to Western Washington University in the fall.  She has been accepted into the Human Services program through the Everett University Center at EvCC’s campus.“I joined the Honors Program because I wanted to get the most out of my community college experience, and challenge myself both academically and intellectually.”