Learning Communities Testimonials

My favorite part was the bonds that we formed...

testimonial 01"Another aspect of this class that struck gold in me was learning with such an amazing group of people. Each person became my friend, even the teachers!  Having that close “community” feel, made me so much more comfortable to accept not only my interest in science but helped me grow confidence in my brain power." – Jennifer Peterson

testimonial 04I learned that the two classes that would appear to have nothing in common really did overlap more than I ever would have thought possible. I found the combined classes not only taught me about  research and how to put my findings in words, I also learned some very interesting things about the world around me.”  - Seth Mize

“Honestly, this experience has been the most memorable of my college experience. I am at the end of my Associates Degree and have taken many classes, but this has been by far my most enjoyable and knowledge provoking class. The field trip was incredible. What a fantastic way to learn.”  -  Christina LaVelle

testimonial 03"Although I enjoy the knowledge, my favorite part of the class was the bonds that we formed. Coming into the class, I was nervous and scared of what lay ahead, but that fear quickly evaporated. This class was an
experience I will not forget."  -  Taylor Wintch

"The students get to know about each other which makes the class easier for them to ask questions. When a student doesn't know people in their class they tend to be shy and feel stupid in front of their peers. In a class like this with a lot of talking, the lecture becomes more interesting because not just the teacher is talking."  -  Rebecka Biernot

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