Learning Communities

A Great Place for New Students to Start!

Learning Communities 2008 02Connect the dots.....
Learning Communities combine two or more courses from different disciplines to provide students a more in-depth look at a subject. The courses are team-taught by two or more instructors and are usually organized around a theme. Students and teachers form a community of learners that work together to find the relationships and connections between the courses. ("Everything is connected, after all....") Students must enroll for all the courses in the learning community.

Students have great things to say about Learning Communities -
a unique experience and a great way to learn.

As a member of a Learning Community, you can benefit in many ways:Learning Communities 2008 01

  • Make connections, (even friendships!) and enjoy the experience of learning as a shared process.
  • Discover how subjects (and the world) are related and interrelated.
  • Participate in a variety of learning experiences other than lectures, such as discussion groups, projects, and field trips.
  • Develop active learning styles that help make the courses relevant and meaningful to you.

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