Early Childhood Outcomes

The Early Childhood Education Department supports the college-wide Core Learning Outcomes, in addition to promoting the following program-specific outcomes:

1.  Promote Child Development and Learning

  • Understand what young children are like
  • Understand what influences their development
  • Use understanding to create great environments where all children can thrive

2.  Build Family and Community Relations

  • Understand and value families and communities
  • Create respectful reciprocal relationships
  • Involve all families

3.  Observe, Document, and Assess

  • Understand the purposes of assessment
  • Use effective assessment strategies
  • Use assessment responsibly

4.  Teach to Support Children’s Learning

  • Build close relationships with children
  • Use developmentally effective strategies
  • Exhibit sound knowledge of content areas
  • Create experiences for positive development and learning

5.  Become a Professional

  • Identify with the profession
  • Be guided by ethical and other professional standards
  • Be a continuous collaborative learner
  • Think reflectively and critically
  • Advocate