Mechatronics Program Outcomes

All Workforce Training Programs prepare students to be job ready: technically competent, ethically grounded, and skilled in collaboration and workplace norms.

We support Everett Community College Core Learning Outcomes, in addition to the following program-specific outcomes:

Robotics Foundations Certificate

  • Describe what comprises basic robotics in a mechatronic system or module
  • Understand the role of automation and robotics in manufacturing and assembly operations
  • Demonstrate understanding of terms such as homing, looping, and effector operation, and I/O interfacing
  • Discuss and demonstrate manual operations and basic robotic commands
  • Identify and use basic robotic programming, editing, positioning and homing in a mechatronic system
  • Apply safety rules while working on the system
  • Transfer the knowledge learned from one robotic system to another robotic system
  • Be prepared for successful employment

Mechatronics Systems Certificate

  • Understand and explain the principal operations of the mechatronics subsystems in a complex system
  • Understand how these subsystems work together
  • Recognize potential or impending malfunctions and contact expert assistance in order to keep the production line functioning and to prevent production loss
  • Perform routine, preventative maintenance, localize, and identify causes and sources of malfunctions where possible.
  • Read and understand the technical documents, reports and outlines specific to the systems and subsystems, and be able to consult with experts, be able to document malfunctions
  • Work effectively as a team member and coordinate the activities with upstream and downstream operations
  • Understand and implement safety regulations required for operation of the system