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2015-2016 Honors Program Capstone Projects

This is the fourth year students have graduated from the program. EvCC started its honors program in Fall 2011 to provide advanced academic challenges to students and enable students to stand out when they transfer to 4-year schools. Honors graduates’ achievements are reflected on their transcripts. The program is supported in part by a donation from the Henry M. Jackson Foundation.  (Not pictured: Christa Moushey)

Ashley Cyrus, Social Science
Ashley conducted an in-depth look into the prison system, comparing the United States' current system with previous ones here, and current systems in other developed nations. This included an examination into the processes of incarceration from conviction, through sentencing, and then after release in order to examine the effects the system has on an inmate's physical and mental health; changes in personality; options in the future; and chances of being convicted again in the future.

Michelle Geiszler, Global Studies
Michelle identified five organizations that provide aid abroad, three non-governmental and 2 governmental. She explored the organizations to better understand how each organization receives funds, distributes aid, and services the populations they are aiding. She completed an extensive annotated bibliography and used those sources to write a 25 page research paper on the organization of her choice.

Jerry Jarvis, Engineering
Jerry undertook creating a remote-controlled drone capable of capturing steady videos, such as aerial footage of outdoor activities like kayaking, rock climbing, etc. This project included developing the criteria for which the project would be assessed, the design proposal, up to creation.

Lyndsey Ketz, Education
Lyndsey completed an electronic education portfolio, organized as a goal-driven documentation of her professional growth and achieved competence in education. It was a collection of documents that provides tangible evidence of the wide range of knowledge, disposition and skills she possesses as a growing education professional.

Greer King, Psychology
Greer conducted a literature review and wrote a research paper, giving detailed information and evidence, on sports psychology, specifically rowing. She also developed a survey to gain experience conducting field research, and interviewed champions in the field of rowing.

Christa Moushey, Drama
Christa compiled and presented a 5-7 minute promotional film which explains the story behind why and what drives the drama program at EvCC. This included participating in and documenting classes where students learned how to develop and write storylines. She conducted interviews with drama club members and alumni to glean information regarding their experiences of how the drama program affected them, as well as recorded in-class activities for the video.

Dawn Woodworth, Humanities
Dawn developed a self-contained event to give to the Burke Museum for the purposes of providing children experiencing difficult situations an evening offun and excitement as "A Night at the Museum". Research was conducted on current children's events locally, and "An Event in a Box" was created that provided the children an opportunity to conduct a guided tour of the museum.