The Center for Transformative Teaching

Welcome to The Center for Transformative Teaching at Everett Community College!

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Everett Community College has made a commitment to the professional growth and development of all members of our campus community. The Center for Transformative Teaching staff sees this commitment as an investment in retention, integration, and the continued growth of all faculty. EvCC’s Vision, Mission Statement and Strategic Priorities focus on improving student success, but this only happens with an engaged faculty. We are developing a campus climate where faculty trust that they will be supported in their efforts to improve student success and learn more about best practices in teaching and learning. We believe that the effects are wide-ranging, and include an increase in employee retention, efficiency, skills, knowledge and abilities. 

Teacher learning and professional development never really ends, but is a career-long pursuit by educators. There are many challenges in our profession! Our pages have information about general professional development issues and opportunities, ideas for books to add to your “must read” list, blogs and podcasts that feature some of the most interesting ideas about the classroom we’ve come across, and ideas that will help inform your work and professional growth.

To help you improve your teaching and learning over time, we hope to provide you with ideas for enhancing your teaching, including:

  • Getting Feedback on Teaching
  • Developing Instructional Skills and Materials
  • Improving Course/Program Design and Alignment
  • Consulting with eLearning professionals about Teaching and Learning Issues
  • Learning More About Teaching and Enhancing Student Learning

"If we want students to learn, the most critical element is the teacher. So professional development is the overall most important thing we can do to help students learn."  

Why Quality Professional Development for Teachers Matters  by Ben Johnson in Edutopia