Business Program Outcomes

Everett Community College’s business degrees and certificates serve both transfer and professional-technical students. The transfer program prepares students to enter a university business college at the junior level. Business and accounting professional-technical programs prepare students to be job ready, technically excellent, culturally literate, ethically grounded, future oriented, and skilled in collaboration in accordance with Everett Community College core themes. 

We support Everett Community College Core Learning Outcomes, in addition to the following program-specific outcomes:

Students in EvCC's Business program work toward these Program Level Outcomes.

Business DTA and Business ATA

  1. Describe the multiple contexts of business—social, cultural, economic and legal—within a sustainable domestic and global environment.
  2. Evaluate and process quantitative and symbolic data.
  3. Define how elements of the legal environment impact business.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to effectively plan and to communicate orally and in writing.
  5. Apply appropriate technology and frameworks to input, manage, and interpret business information.
  6. Record transactions and prepare financial statements for a business entity.