Written Arts

pen_soloFor a list of courses offered in the current or coming quarter, please review the Class Schedule (select the quarter you wish to see, hit view, and then choose English Language & Literature from the drop-down menu) or get in touch with one of the Program Contacts listed to the right.

The Written Arts program is part of an interdisciplinary fine arts program at EvCC. The program focuses on study and skill development in writing, in addition to coursework in related disciplines, and offers intensive study in literary art as well as opportunities for applying literary skills to related subject areas. The program is both an intense study of written expression and an exploration of practical applications of those skills.

The Written Arts program at Everett Community College culminates in the Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) degree. Students concentrate in Written Arts while also taking courses in related disciplines. A final project is one of the requirements for the degree, and it is designed to help students seeking employment or transfer to a university. While this degree contains many courses that are transferable to a university, it is not designed primarily as a transfer degree. (Note: The Evergreen State College accepts the AFA degree as a block of 90 transfer credits.)

Students who have a clear intention to transfer to a university for an English, Education, Journalism, Communications or other major should also review the separate guide for the Associate in Arts and Sciences – Option II DTA, which offers a fully transferable block of courses. Please work closely with a program advisor to determine the best plan for you.

Join the Writing Adventure at EvCC

  • Take classes with nationally recognized writers
  • Learn the ins and outs of publication and magazine production, including the chance to work on the nationally distributed magazine Poetry Northwest External Site Link
  • Participate in the student-run Literature Club
  • Sharpen skills that will aid in the development of a professional and personal life far beyond college graduation
  • Earn an Associates degree in Fine Arts locally

Career Options

A college degree is not necessarily required to pursue a career in writing. Individuals may write in their spare time, contract for freelance work, or become employed in a small or large enterprise. In some cases, a college degree is necessary if employment is competitive or in a professional organization. Opportunities for writing include roles as novelist/fiction writer, freelance article writer, screen writer, playwright, editor, and publisher.

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