Why English?suspendedpencil

A major in English involves a focus on the English language and includes such topics as college-level writing, the research paper, the critical paper, creative writing, technical writing, and linguistics; and an in-depth concentration on literature, including such topics as Shakespeare, classical through modern European literature, literature of other cultures, genres such as science fiction or poetry, and American literature. Related studies may include journalism, the broader field of communications, or other languages.

All English courses, whether a student is considering English as a major or not, provide valuable skills for the job market, as well as good writing skills and the ability to read and analyze texts, all of which are useful tools to have in any field. Taking a variety of English courses provides a solid platform for studying law, history, psychology, business, theology, or any number of other disciplines.

Our Mission

The faculty of the Department of English works to provide EvCC students with the skills to use language effectively so that they may achieve their potential as individuals and live as critically-informed citizens of the world. We teach students to read closely, to think critically, and to write persuasively, while encouraging literary appreciation and broadening the range of ideas our students experience in action and reflection. As a faculty, we are also strongly committed to pursuing our own scholarship and creative writing, so that our courses are designed and taught with a practical understanding of the uses of literature.

Program Goals and Outcomes

The English Department carries out its mission by fostering a number of learning outcomes in its three primary program areas: Composition, Literature & Humanities, and Written Arts