Student Financial Services

Financial Aid

Grants, Loans, Work Study, Scholarships, Financial Aid forms

Workforce Funding

Grant programs for financial assistance along with traditional Financial Aid.

Veterans' Resource Center

Veterans' Benefits certifications, advising.

Our Mission

Student Financial Services is committed to providing quality services to meet the needs of a diverse student population by offering financial resources and services to promote access to education and enhance student success. SFS is dedicated to equitable delivery of available financial resources in an efficient and timely manner.

Community Colleges represent an excellent value for your educational dollar. Typically, community colleges offer lower tuition and fees than other public baccalaureate institutions and private colleges.

Generally, though, education is not free and your personal budget might be tight. Our Student Financial Aid Office provides services to students who need financial assistance to enroll, and manages our scholarship program. If you need a financial boost, contact them early, so you can take full advantage of their aid options. You might also look at other programs, such as Veterans' benefits, student employment, and Workforce Training funds.

National statistics indicate that your annual income prospects improve as you increase your educational attainment. It is worthwhile to think about investing in your education now for personal and financial rewards for your future.

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges has issued a statement about state support of higher education, which describes the role of student tuition in college funding.