Vision, Mission, Core Themes and Values

Vision Statement

Everett Community College creates a better world one successful student at a time.

Mission Statement

We educate, equip, and inspire each student to achieve personal and professional goals, contribute to our diverse communities, and thrive in a global society.

Core Themes

Student Success

  • We will provide guidance and support to improve each student’s capacity for college completion, job readiness, and career success.
  • We measure our success by each student’s achievement of educational, personal, and professional goals.
  • We provide open access to affordable education to all members of our community.

Innovation and Leadership

  • We infuse innovative learning and state-of-the-art pedagogy--such as an emphasis on critical thinking and collaborative learning—into all course offerings.
  • Our infrastructure supports innovative instruction, prepares students for technologies of the future, and links education and training to high demand career paths.
  • We anticipate and respond boldly to opportunities and challenges, and innovate to stay ahead in a competitive environment.
  • We practice evidence-based decision-making throughout the college.

Community Connections and Partnerships

  • We listen and respond to community needs.
  • We build trust and accountability with our local, regional, and global communities through frequent and effective communication.
  • We actively develop strategic networks and partnerships to advance institutional innovation, strengthen student learning, and drive workforce development and economic vitality for our region.
  • We collaborate with our K-20 partners to create seamless educational pathways for our students.
  • We enrich our communities and enhance the quality of community life.

Cultural Pluralism and Global Readiness

  • We develop cultural competencies in faculty, staff and students.
  • We integrate global/cultural connections and awareness in our curriculum and programs.
  • We develop a pervasive campus culture of respect, advocacy, and engagement for all.
  • We embrace smaller groups within our campus community and support their unique cultural identities, values and practices.
  • We prepare students to participate as global citizens and to succeed in a global economy.

Resource Stewardship

  • We seek financial stability by developing strong and diverse revenue streams.
  • We invest in our employees.
  • We invest in physical facilities to enhance the learning environment.
  • We practice environmental, economic, and social sustainability across the campus.
  • We are responsible stewards of our limited resources – proactive in fiscal planning and efficient in our practices.

Core Values

Promise: We value, respect, and act on behalf of each student’s educational needs and aspirations
Purpose: We embrace the transforming value of learning for ourselves, our students, and our community
Progress: We strive always to innovate, improve, and advance
People: We nurture a campus community that is culturally competent and inspired to engage, collaborate, and grow
Partners: We connect constructively with the communities we are here to serve
Practice: We model evidence based decision-making, equity and inclusiveness, stewardship, and sustainability