Student Spotlight - Felix Prabowo

Tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Felix Rio Prabowo, and I am an international student from Indonesia studying at Everett Community College. I came to the U.S. pursuing a higher education that will eventually prepare and lead me into landing a better career in the future. Hopefully, my career path will propel me closer to my personal goal.

Why did you choose EvCC?
I chose Everett Community College because I think EvCC is the great place for me to start my academic career. To save some costs associated with studying overseas, I chose to start my undergraduate career path by doing a two-year associate transfer degree here. After I finish my associate degree, I will transfer to a university and will be continuing my study to get a bachelor degree there.

What are you studying at EvCC?
I am studying business at Everett Community College. Specifically, I am pursuing my Associate in Business DTA degree.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an International student?
The biggest challenge that I have faced as an international student is a language barrier. Although I learned English back in my country, using English as a language to speak and study is a different thing from learning the language.

How have you overcome these challenges? Who has helped you?
I have overcome this challenge by going out to the community, speaking in English and always using an online dictionary when I encounter words that I do not understand the meaning. The motivation and the drive I received came from one of my business advisors, Chad Lewis. He truly inspired me to push myself to become a better student.

Why did you decide to get involved as a student ambassador?
I decided to get involved as a student ambassador for several reasons. First, I want to give my service to my own college. By representing my college, my goal is to let the current and prospective students know that Everett Community College is indeed a welcoming place that provides diversity and a warm atmosphere. Through my interaction with students when I am working, and my time giving campus tours, I always strive to achieve that goal. Second, I want to develop my English speaking and interpersonal skills. As English is my second language, what better chance is thereto improve my speaking and interpersonal skills other than working and talking with English speakers? I was really happy when my supervisor and manager, Brittany Padgett (supervisor) and Iktali Solano-Cruz (manager), gave me a call letting me know that I got the job.

Talk a little bit about your work as a PROPELS Mentor
As a PROPELS Mentor, my role is to promote educational learning success for Everett Community College students. The optimal ways to do my role are to listen to students, to promote the college resources, and to encourage students to be involved with campus activities and events. Getting to know more people and resources will definitely enhance students’ success in college.

What do you plan to do next?
The next thing I plan to do is to transfer to a university to complete my bachelor's degree. Upon completing my bachelor's degree, I am hoping to do an OPT (Optional Practical Training), a program for international students to work in a company in the United States for a year. Currently, I am still waiting to hear back from a university.

Who has helped you succeed at EvCC?
I want to give my special thanks to the members of the International Education Department and these individuals: Azrael Howell, Bill Reed, Brittany Padgett, Chad Lewis, Esther Moss, Jin Yu, Nidia Alqeeq, Robin Brent, Steven Tobias, John Olson, Kathy Baringer, Ryan Davis, and Stephanie Doyle. Without the help of the International Education Department, I would not be able to be at EvCC in the first place, volunteering to help new international students, and making new friends from other countries. The named individuals above have personally given me insight and enhanced both my knowledge, work ethic, and work experience. I can not thank them enough.

Describe the best experience you had at EvCC?
The best experience I had at Everett Community College is when I greeted different Washington community colleges’ presidents and staff and walked them over to Jackson Conference Center for their WATC Meeting. The thing I learned from these important people is that they were modest and comfortable to talk with. I understand that to succeed, humility is an important trait that most successful people have. Humility attracts other people and opens up opportunities.

What advice do you have for new students, particularly those coming from other countries?
Don’t be afraid to speak more English than your own language. And most importantly, be sincere and respectful to others. Treat others as you would like to be treated.