Scholarships for International Students

Leadership, Merit and Service Scholarship Eligibility

Open only to new, first-quarter international students who have been issued an I-20 and have obtained a F1 visa. Students who are not issued or cannot be issued an I-20 will not be considered for the scholarship application.

Total of 50 scholarships available each academic year

Quarter Quantity Awarded Amount of Award
Summer Quarter 15 Scholarships $500 Each
Fall Quarter 15 Scholarships $500 Each
Winter Quarter 10 Scholarships $500 Each
Spring Quarter 10 Scholarships $500 Each


How to Apply

Submit a one page essay detailing grades, extracurricular activities, leadership, and service experiences. Please explain why you deserve this scholarship and how you plan to contribute to campus life at Everett Community College during your studies.

Send all scholarship submissions to

Deadline Dates
Summer Quarter June 1
Fall Quarter September 1
Winter Quarter December 1
Spring Quarter March 1


Winners of scholarships will be notified during orientation and will receive their certificates and instructions on how to apply their scholarship at that time.

Currently Enrolled Students

There are a variety of funding opportunities for currently enrolled students on campus. We encourage all students to participate in these programs:

General Scholarship Fund:  Application deadline varies from year to year but generally is around March 1.

Student employment opportunities are mainly announced in fall quarter, but are sometimes offered throughout the year. All positions will indicate in the title that they are exclusively for international students.