Scholarships for International Students

International Leadership Scholarships

International Leadership Scholarships are merit-based and available for outstanding international students who demonstrate leadership abilities in extracurricular activities, community service experience and excellent grades. This scholarship is open to all new, first-quarter international students who have been issued an Everett Community College I-20 and have obtained a visa. This scholarship is not open to currently enrolled students.

Total of 25 scholarships will be awarded each academic year and each scholarship will be used during the first quarter only.

Quarter Number of scholarships Amount awarded Deadline
Summer 5 $1,000 USD each June 1
Fall 10 $1,000 USD each September 1
Winter 5 $1,000 USD each December 1
Spring 5 $1,000 USD each March 1


  • Must be a new, first-quarter international student who has been issued an EvCC I-20 and has obtained a visa.
  • Must demonstrate that you maintained at least an A grade (equivalent to 90% or higher) at your previous institution(s). The transcripts you submitted at the time of application will be part of the review process.


1.    Apply for admission by submitting the International Student Application and documents.
2.    After obtaining a visa, write a one page essay in Microsoft Word detailing the following:

  • LEADERSHIP – describe your leadership experiences in your extracurricular activities.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE – describe the events you have participated in that helped to improve your community. How do you intend to continue doing community service as an EvCC student?                        

Note: Essays more than one page will not be accepted.

3.    Complete and sign the International Leadership Scholarship cover page.

4.    Submit your scholarship essay and the cover page before the deadline listed above by emailing to Visakan Ganeson, Associate Vice-President for International Education, at

5.    The review committee will evaluate and the selected winners will be announced during Orientation week. Winners must be present during Orientation week to receive this scholarship.

Currently Enrolled Students

Funding opportunities include:

  • General scholarship fund - Deadline is around March 1 of each year.
  • Student employment opportunities - Announced mainly in the fall quarter.