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Educational Advising

International students in US colleges and universities have many choices. Though there are requirements called “general education”, and requirements for specific “majors”, there are many options in those categories. An advisor can help you determine the courses that fit your skill level and that lead toward your goals.

When you first arrive, you will probably take general courses, and perhaps some ESL courses. However, you will soon start to plan courses in your “major”. For an example of the programs offered at EvCC, look at some of our curriculum guides.  Each curriculum guide has a checklist for the courses required for that program area.

You should meet with an advisor before registration for each term. EvCC’s international Student Advisor will help you identify a program advisor.


New international students register in classes at the time they arrive. Current students register by appointment with the help of an advisor. Registration is usually done in-person in the Enrollment Services office.

Immigration Advising

International students must meet certain enrollment requirements in order to maintain their visa status. In general, they must enroll full-time, must complete their courses on time, and may only work on or off-campus under certain rules. Students must stay in contact with the International Student Advisor. Special letters are sent frequently to international students to advise them of certain requirements and/or deadlines. New students participate in an orientation that explains these requirements. Students who plan to travel outside of the US while a student, or who plan to transfer from one school to another must comply with certain procedures, and notify the international student advisor in advance.


In some cases, international students are allowed to work off-campus. Most often, permission to work is given for students who have completed their program of study and who properly submit an application for “optional practical training”. This must be done prior to graduation, and with the assistance and recommendation of the International Student Advisor. Approval from immigration must be received before a student can work.

Occasionally, students may work off-campus while taking courses. This applies only to programs that require internships or cooperative work experience. It can only be done with the assistance and recommendation of the International Student Advisor.

International students are eligible to work on-campus, part-time. If you are interested in this you must speak with the International Student Advisor first, since a U.S. Social Security Number must be obtained before employment can begin.

On-campus Services

You can surf the College webpage to discover many campus services that help you meet people and obtain help for your classwork. EvCC is proud of the variety of services that support students.  International students have a specialized advisor to assist them in their orientation to the US and to EvCC, but other services and programs, such as student activities, student government, clubs, prayer room, library, tutoring, computer labs are also open to you. On-campus student services and activities are a great way to become absorbed in American culture and make life-long friends.

The Nippon Business Institute provides special services to Japanese students: a library with Japanese publications and books, computers with Japanese language programs, and cultural activities.

EvCC's Writing Center, Tutoring Services and Computer Labs

Need some help with a tough class? EvCC provides special assistance to you through the Writing Center and the Tutoring Center, located on the first floor of Rainier Hall. You can simply walk in and ask for help. It is also a good idea to discuss any difficulties you are having with the International Student Advisor and/or your instructor. Please do not be shy. It is very normal for students to seek help that supports their learning.

Available to all students are Open Computer Labs (“E-Tech”) where students can use e-mail, write papers, and complete other class assignments. Open Monday – Saturday, only during the quarter.

Planning Transfer to a University

If you are planning to transfer to a university in Washington, look for the weekly visits of university representatives at tables in the Parks Student Union. These representatives can help you understand the transfer admission process, and the types of programs and degrees they offer.

EvCC students are also able to transfer to colleges and universities outside of Washington. Counseling & Student Success can assist you in learning about those options and planning for transfer. Our International Student Advisor is also aware of some scholarships offered to international students by out-of-state universities.

Off-Campus Resources

Additional information and locations of local banks, cell phone companies, restaurants, grocery stores and shopping malls is also available.