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Do you have an interest in event programming? Student Programs Board strives to complement student’s academic and social experience by offering a variety of activities designed to enlighten, challenge and engage students in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Student Programmers will work as a team to select coordinate, advertise and implement a series of events such as lectures, panel discussions and/or workshops designed to enhance student’s perspective on diversity topics, cultural pluralism and exposure to other relevant topics in their quest to become educated global citizens. In addition, Student Programs Board will support the Pride Center with LGBTQIA+ educational opportunities as well as provide a variety of Health & Wellness topics to the campus.

Being a student leader here at EvCC is also about building community and having fun! Student Programs Board will program a variety of events and activities that will help students to relax, have fun, and develop a healthy school/life balance. 

  • Manager of Student Programs Board
    Working closely with the Student LIFE advisor, this position is responsible for managing the Student Programs Board team in the selection, coordination, implementation and evaluation of an annual diverse programming series designed to be fun and educational. The Programs Manager will organize and chair weekly staff meetings in order to facilitate collaboration, track progress and to drive the team towards the production calendar. The Manager will also conduct weekly meetings with individual coordinators in order to monitor, oversee and assist with all tasks and projects associated with event development and assessment. Additional responsibilities include: maintaining and monitoring work schedules, assisting with Programs Board hiring and By-Law review, budget development and team building.
  • Diversity & Engagement Coordinator
    Coordinates a Diversity and Intercultural Awareness series focused on enhancing the overall education and awareness of diversity topics. Programming may include, but is not limited to: Cultural Awareness Months, Human Rights awareness, LGBTQIA+, etc. This coordinator will serve in a leadership role on the Student Diversity Advisory Council (SDAC), with the purpose of providing diversity/identity based clubs the opportunity to connect, support one another, as well work together to implement large scale diversity programs that will increase educational opportunities and create an inclusive and supportive campus climate. Events may include lectures, workshops, film screenings, panel discussions, etc. This position will also collaborate with the Pride Center, Diversity and Equity Center and the Social Justice and Current Events Coordinator.
  • Social Justice & Current Events Coordinator
    Coordinates a series of events and activities to enhance the overall education and awareness of diversity and social justice topics as well as highlighting impacts and diverse perspectives relating to current events around the world. Topics will range from, but are not limited to diversity and inclusion, awareness campaigns, current global and regional issues as well as human rights movements. Events may include small-scale programming such as: spoken word, music or open mic events or larger scale options such as panel discussions, film screenings or lectures. This position will collaborate with the Pride Center, Diversity and Equity Center and the Diversity and Engagement Coordinator.
  • Health & Wellness Coordinator
    Coordinates a Health/Wellness series to inform and educate the campus on topics such as but not limited to: healthy lifestyles, responsible choices, drug and alcohol awareness, mental health, stress management/self-care, sexual health, nutrition, domestic violence, healthy relationships, etc. Programmer will work closely with team members to present topics through a diverse and inclusive lens in formats such as: lectures, workshops and even recreational activities. Position will also work closely with Blood Works Northwest to plan quarterly Blood Drives.
  • Arts & Entertainment Coordinator
    Coordinates an Arts and Entertainment series to include a variety of fun, inclusive and engaging events with the purpose to entertain and build community amongst students with events such as concerts, open mic performances, comedians, magicians, spoken word poetry, etc. These events are designed to enhance the daily campus life at EvCC. The Arts and Entertainment Coordinator will also work closely with the Special Events Coordinator to enhance larger scale events by coordinating elements such as the live band for the fall Kick-Off and Spring Fling. 
  • Special Events Coordinator
    Coordinates a Special Events series designed to enhance the college experience by organizing larger scale events to give students an opportunity to have fun, build community and encourage campus pride. Coordinator will work both independently and with a team to organize multi-layered event such as, but not limited to: Fall Kick-Off, Spring Fling, Student Dance, Drive-In Movie, etc. Position will work closely with the Arts and Entertainment Coordinator on many events, as well as the V.P. of Clubs and Club Council to organize quarterly Club Fests.


To apply, please complete and submit the following:

  1. Complete the Student Programs Board Application. Available Spring Quarter
  2. Complete Student Programs Board Questionnaire. (available Spring Quarter)
  3. Turn in application to Student LIFE, PSU 209 or email to 

For questions or more information contact:
Lindsay Hudson
Program Manager
Student LIFE, PSU 209
425-388-9508 or