Student Leadership Positions

Get more than a job. Become a Student Leader!

Student Leader job Applications for the 2018-19 will be available in Spring 2018. Take a look below for brief job descriptions and instructions on how to apply.

Job Information

How to Apply 1-2-3!

  1. Fill out an application for the jobs you want to apply for:
    • Student Government 
    • Programs Board
    • Student Ambassador
    • Graphic Design Intern 
    • Social Media & Publicity Intern
    • Trojan Nation Coordinator 
    • East County Campus Student LIFE Coordinator
    • Pride Center Coordinator
    • Resident Assistant 
  2. Attach resume and application questions.
    Free EvCC resources and resume assistance here!
  3. Return completed application(s) to the Welcome Center, PSU or by the deadline outlined on your application.

Requirements and Salary

  • Must be currently enrolled in 10 credit hours (unless otherwise described).
  • Must currently have a quarterly and cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5.
  • Salary: $11.15 per hour.
    (Resident Assistant compensation varies)
  • Hours: 12 – 16 hours per week (each position varies)

What are the benefits of becoming a Student Leader?

As a Student Leader you will develop a wide range of transferable skills that will benefit you! Employers, colleges and universities are looking for more than just good grades; they want community involvement and service! Student leaders will gain leadership skills that will help build your resume, university and scholarship applications. You will earn letters of recommendations, get connected to and serve your campus, and help students and the community learn more about Everett Community College.

Positions for academic year 2017-2018:

Student Government

Student Government is organized into two branches: Executive Council and the Associated Student Body (ASB) Senate.  Through participation in student government, students are able to express their views on issues affecting student and academic affairs as well as college policy and state-wide legislative issues.  It is also a learning experience that provides a laboratory-type environment for developing strong leadership skills  All Executive Council members are members of the ASB Senate and are also trained to serve as Student Ambassadors. 

  • ASB President 
    Chairs weekly Executive Council meetings and bi-weekly ASB Senate meetings. Coordinates the appointment process for EvCC students serving on the ASB committees, college committees, and faculty appointment review committees.  Liaison to the ASB Senate, the College Administration and gives monthly reports to the Board of Trustees. Chairs the E-Tech Budget Committee. 
    Preferred Qualification: Previously served on Executive Council.
  • ASB Vice President of Administration
    Coordinates the ASB Senate “self election” process, prepares Senate packets, prepares Senate packets, organizes the Senate Notebooks, facilitates the hiring process and orientation of new Senators and manages communication with the ASB Senate. Keeps minutes during the ASB Senate meetings and organizes approval and distribution in a timely manner. Also chairs the annual ASB Constitution Review Committee. 
    Preferred Qualification:  Previously served on ASB Senate.
  • ASB Vice President of Public Relations & Student Involvement
    Promotes and publicizes Student LIFE, with an emphasis on Student Government, by working closely with Student Programs Board and Publicity Services to increase student involvement at EvCC. Organizes bi-weekly Snack & Chat info tables and coordinates the scheduling of the student run Food Pantry. Chairs the Graduation Committee  that assists with planning  the annual Commencement Ceremony. 
  • ASB Vice President of Budget & Finance
    Serves as chair of the ASEvCC Services & Activities (S&A) Fee Budget Committee, which develops the annual student budget. Manages all S & A Fee Budget requests, conducting budget workshops and assisting student organizations with proposals for funding.  Presents proposals to the ASB Senate, College Administration, and Board of Trustees.
  • ASB Vice President of Clubs & Student Initiatives 
    Organizes and coordinates the bi-weekly Club Council meetings with club representatives. Coordinates, plans, and implements the quarterly Club Fest, as well as the Annual Student LIFE Awards Gala. Coordinates the new club chartering process and manages the club files for all EvCC chartered clubs. Coordinates a variety of special projects that may arise during the year such as legislative initiatives and ASB Senate activities. 

Student Senate

  • Student Senator*
    The Student Senate is the student legislative body and student forum for the Associated Student Body. To become a Student Senator, you must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours, and maintain a minimum quarterly and cumulative GPA of 2.5. To find out more information on how to become a Student Senator, pick up materials at Student LIFE or the Executive Council Office (Parks 209).

    *Positions open year round.

Student Programs Board

Do you have an interest in event programming? Student Programs Board strives to complement student’s academic and social experience by offering a variety of activities designed to enlighten, challenge and engage students in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Student Programmers will work as a team to select coordinate, advertise and implement a series of events such as lectures, panel discussions and/or workshops designed to enhance student’s perspective on diversity topics, cultural pluralism and exposure to other relevant topics in their quest to become educated global citizens. In addition, Student Programs Board will support the Pride Center with LGBTQIA+ educational opportunities as well as provide a variety of Health & Wellness topics to the campus.

Being a student leader here at EvCC is also about building community and having fun! Student Programs Board will program a variety of events and activities that will help students to relax, have fun, and develop a healthy school/life balance.

  • Manager of Student Programs Board
    Working closely with the Student LIFE advisor, this position is responsible for managing the Student Programs Board team in the selection, coordination, implementation and evaluation of an annual diverse programming series designed to be fun and educational. The Programs Manager will organize and chair weekly staff meetings in order to facilitate collaboration, track progress and to drive the team towards the production calendar. The Manager will also conduct weekly meetings with individual coordinators in order to monitor, oversee and assist with all tasks and projects associated with event development and assessment. Additional responsibilities include: maintaining and monitoring work schedules, assisting with Programs Board hiring and By-Law review, budget development and team building.
    Preferred Qualification:  Previously served on Student Programs Board.
  • Diversity & Engagement Coordinator
    Coordinates a Diversity and Intercultural Awareness series focused on enhancing the overall education and awareness of diversity topics. Programming may include, but is not limited to: Cultural Awareness Months, Human Rights awareness, LGBTQIA+, etc. This coordinator will serve in a leadership role on the Student Diversity Advisory Council (SDAC), with the purpose of providing diversity/identity based clubs the opportunity to connect, support one another, as well work together to implement large scale diversity programs that will increase educational opportunities and create an inclusive and supportive campus climate. Events may include lectures, workshops, film screenings, panel discussions, etc. This position will also collaborate with the Pride Center, Diversity and Equity Center and the Social Justice and Current Events Coordinator.
  • Social Justice & Current Events Coordinator
    Coordinates a series of events and activities to enhance the overall education and awareness of diversity and social justice topics as well as highlighting impacts and diverse perspectives relating to current events around the world. Topics will range from, but are not limited to diversity and inclusion, awareness campaigns, current global and regional issues as well as human rights movements. Events may include small-scale programming such as: spoken word, music or open mic events or larger scale options such as panel discussions, film screenings or lectures. This position will collaborate with the Pride Center, Diversity and Equity Center and the Diversity and Engagement Coordinator.
  • Health & Wellness Coordinator
    Coordinates a Health/Wellness series to inform and educate the campus on topics such as but not limited to: healthy lifestyles, responsible choices, drug and alcohol awareness, mental health, stress management/self-care, sexual health, nutrition, domestic violence, healthy relationships, etc. Programmer will work closely with team members to present topics through a diverse and inclusive lens in formats such as: lectures, workshops and even recreational activities.  Position will also work closely with Blood Works Northwest to plan quarterly Blood Drives.
  • Arts & Entertainment Coordinator
    Coordinates an Arts and Entertainment series to include a variety of fun, inclusive and engaging events with the purpose to entertain and build community amongst students with events such as concerts, open mic performances, comedians, magicians, spoken word poetry, etc. These events are designed to enhance the daily campus life at EvCC. The Arts and Entertainment Coordinator will also work closely with the Special Events Coordinator to enhance larger scale events by coordinating elements such as the live band for the fall Kick-Off and Spring Fling. 
  • Special Events Coordinator
    Coordinates a Special Events series designed to enhance the college experience by organizing larger scale events to give students an opportunity to have fun, build community and encourage campus pride. Coordinator will work both independently and with a team to organize multi-layered event such as, but not limited to: Fall Kick-Off, Spring Fling, Student Dance, Drive-In Movie, etc. Position will work closely with the Arts and Entertainment Coordinator on many events, as well as the V.P. of Clubs and Club Council to organize quarterly Club Fests.

Student Ambassadors

  • Student Ambassadors
    Ambassadors provide campus tours, serve as an EvCC representative and perform duties at various EvCC campus and community events. Student Ambassadors serve in multiple areas of campus such as, Student LIFE and the Welcome Center. Each service area has duties assigned; some of which are assisting students, staff and faculty, posting flyers, answering calls, assisting students with password reset, college applications, logging in into campus computers, navigating the college website,  creating student ID cards, learning about campus leadership and involvement opportunities and giving campus referrals.
  • Student Ambassador Manager
    Assists with the management and operation of the Student Ambassador Program. Duties include but are not limited to: creating quarterly schedules, chairing staff meetings, training new employees, and coordinating campus tours. Collaborating with the management of service areas and other campus departments ambassador assistance requests. 
    Preferred Qualification: 1 year experience as a Student Ambassador.

Publicity Services

  • Student Graphic Design Intern 
    This student leadership position is responsible for producing approximately one hundred pieces of collateral during the year. Including flyers, brochures, banners, weekly bulletins, and other promotional and informational materials for Student LIFE’s events and programs. .
    Minimum qualifications:  Experience and classes in visual communications and Adobe Creative Suite programs, preferably Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign..
  • Social Media & Publicity Intern
    This position is responsible for assisting in publicizing Student LIFE's events and programs using various social media platforms, photography, videography, as well as assisting with light editing and design work.
    Minimum qualifications: Introductory knowledge of programs and equipment such as Adobe Photoshop, SLR camera, video camera and editing software. As well as experience with a variety of social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter.

Pride Center

  • Pride Center Coordinator
    Oversees the Pride Center space as well as coordinates and implements LGBTQIA+ educational programming series sponsored by the Pride Center. The position will maintain a professional relationship with the LGBTQIA+ student club, help to coordinate QQST and will serve on the campus Safe Zone Committee. Coordinator will also work with community organizations to maintain a supply of resources and knowledge made available to students in the Pride Center. In addition, the Pride Center Coordinator will collaborate with Student Programs Board and the Diversity and Equity Center as needed.

Student LIFE

  • Student Office Manager
    This position is responsible for organizing and completing clerical duties within Student LIFE such as inventory, data entry, checking emails, scanning files, filing documents, special projects, planning welcome tables and student leader recruiting events. They also serve on the Welcome Week committee and assist with EvCC Welcome Week events and activities.

Trojan Nation

  • Trojan Nation Coordinator
    Coordinates and implements the Trojan Nation program designed to bring awareness to EvCC’s 11 Athletic teams. This position is tasked with creating programming such as Trojan Nation game days for each sport and generating awareness of EvCC’s athletic program and athletes. This position will work closely with Advisors, Programs Board and Publicity Services as well as Athletics to develop publicity and marketing plans and to identify innovative methods to generate excitement and build school spirit amongst the EvCC campus community. The Trojan Nation Coordinator is responsible for the on-going development of the Trojan Nation movement. Activities may include Trojan Nation t-shirt sales, game day half-time shows, event promotion activities and utilization of the Trojan Nation mascot. 

East County Campus

  • East County Campus Student LIFE Coordinator
    This position is responsible for all aspects of the planning and implementation of Student LIFE activities for the East County Campus. East County Campus Student LIFE Coordinator will determine student engagement needs by surveying students and meeting with a student council. They will also coordinate with appropriate East County and main campus staff, and community members. Some of the duties include planning student events, clubs, community service, community visibility and other student-centered initiatives.

Student Housing

  • Resident Assistants
    (RAs) are assigned to a floor and are responsible for assisting with the social, academic, and personal adjustment to the residence hall and college. RAs are vital in developing a sense of community and enhance each resident’s experience by providing information, direction, guidance, friendship, and support. This may take place through informal day-to-day contact with residents as well as formal floor meetings and building programs.
    Additional Requirements
    •  2 evenings per week “on duty” (Monday-Thursday)
    •  1-2 weekends per month “on duty” (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
    •  Attendance is required at all training and new student move-in dates listed on application
    •  Able reside in student housing throughout duration of position
    •  Full waiver of all student housing rent and fees. 

For more information contact:

Student LIFE, Welcome Center, PSU
Phone: 425-388-9561