Meet the Staff of Student LIFE

Jennifer Rhodes

Associate Dean of Student LIFE
Parks Student Union, Room 213

Jennifer Rhodes, the Associate Dean of Student LIFE, is responsible for the overall operation of the Student LIFE Division which includes Student Housing, Athletics/Intramurals, Welcome Center, Student Government, Student Programs Board, Publicity Services, The Paperclip, Student Ambassador Program, clubs and organizations.

Jennifer is the direct advisor for the ASB Student Government: ASB Student Senate and Executive Council. She is also responsible for the development, expenditures and revenue for the Services and Activities (S&A) Fees Budget E-Tech budget development and works closely with the students and college administration on the Campus Enhancement Fee Budget.

Lindsay Hudson

Program Manager/Advisor
Parks Student Union, Room 211 

Lindsay is responsible for program and event development in Student LIFE. As Student Programs Board Advisor, Lindsay advises, supervises, and directs the work of six board members in programming concerts, fine arts, special events, health/wellness topics and programs, diversity/intercultural awareness series, game days and recreation programs.

Lindsay also co-advises the Student Diversity Advisory Council, assisting with members from EvCC identity based clubs tasked with selecting, implementing and evaluating large scale diversity awareness events and training opportunities.   

Lindsay maintains the relationship with U.S. Bank to coordinate and implement EvCC card production and distribution. She helps troubleshoot with U.S. Bank, Cardsmith and other vendors  as  issues arise.

In addition, Lindsay  also manages and initiates corrective action for the S&A Fees Budgets (approx. 15 budgets). Working closely with the Associate Dean of Student LIFE, Lindsay makes recommendations regarding the authorization of expenses and revenue collection, works closely with the college’s Administrative Services (business office).

Brittany Padgett

Program Support Supervisor/Advisor
Parks Student Union, Room 215

Brittany directs and supervises the Student Ambassador Program which is responsible for representing EvCC at various campus and community events as well as conducting campus tours.

Brittany is also responsible for the management of  the Office of Student LIFE and the Paperclip including advising, supervising, and directing the work of the student ambassadors who service these locations.

Brittany is the advisor to the Student Office Manager, the Student Ambassador Manager and the 20+ Student Ambassadors. She also monitors and maintains payroll reminders, TLR issues and hiring for Student LIFE student leaders.

Christine Vasquez

Graphic Designer/Advisor
Parks Student Union, Room 214

Christine manages the various aspects of Student LIFE Publicity Services and supervises and directs the work of the Student Graphic Design Intern and the Social Media and Publicity Intern in the production of varied promotional and informational materials and platforms such as graphic design, photography, digital media, the weekly all student newsletter, digital signs, and various social media channels.

As the Graphic Designer she is responsible for the design, layout, illustrations and production of art, both hardcopy and digital, from concept and consulting to proofing, and production. Christine designs and produces posters, flyers, brochures, digital displays, commencement materials, and various other high visibility publications and platforms for Student LIFE, Student Programs Board, Student Clubs, Student Government, and S&A funded events and series.

Additionally, Christine serves as the Web Content Editor for Student LIFE and Programs and is responsible for updating and maintaining the web calendar with events and activities as well as ensuring that the Student LIFE web pages are current and accurate.

Lea Wasson

Director of Housing
Parks Student Union, Room 215

Lea is a live-in staff member who is responsible for the management of on-campus student housing at the Lona Vista Apartments. As the Director of Housing, she is responsible for the safety and well-being of 36 residents along with coordinating facility maintenance and operations.

Lea organizes the processing of new applications, housing assignments, check-in, and check-out. She is responsible for monitoring rental payments and manages the student housing budget. She also works to promote student housing, communicate with prospective residents, and give tours of the community. 

Lea advises the Resident Assistants who live at Lona Vista and assist her with community building. She is also available to assist residents with emergency situations, roommate concerns, conflict resolution skills, as well as helping them get connected to resources on campus.

Richele Blair

Administrative Assistant/Advisor
Parks Student Union, Room 212

Richele serves as  the Club Resource Coordinator, coordinating  the 40+ chartered EvCC Clubs and Organizations, which includes providing club orientations to student club members and faculty advisors, advising on state policies and procedures, event programming, budgeting of club funds, club travel/purchasing and is the advisor for  Club Council meetings.

Richele manages the operation of the EvCC Pride Center and co-chairs the Safe Zone Committee.  The Pride Center is a place where our LGBTQIA+ students can ask questions, seek support and resources, and feel safe to be who they are.

Additionally, Richele serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of Student LIFE coordinating a wide variety of assigned projects and tasks. She also manages and initiates corrective action for approximately 50  S&A Fees Budgets, making recommendations regarding the authorization of expenses and revenue collection.