Course Challenge

Credit by Examination

Also see Transfer Credit Practices

Course challenge examinations are sufficiently comprehensive to determine that the student has the same knowledge and skills as those students who enroll in, and successfully complete, the course. A student should have previous training, private study, work experience, or other bona fide qualifications indicating the student has knowledge or abilities equivalent to course completers.

Challenge Process

  • Must be a currently enrolled student
  • Pick-up the Application for Course Challenge (Credit by Examination) form
    • Available in Enrollment Services and division offices
  • Meet with the instructor of the course
  • Receive written approval from instructor and division dean
  • Pay the established non-refundable fee at the Cashier's Office. The fee to challenge a course is $246.81
  • Submit form to Enrollment Services prior to 10th calendar day of the quarter
  • Complete the requirements of the course challenge by the 50th calendar day of the quarter
  •  Traditional letter grade will be issued
  • Students not testing will be issued an F or a V at the instructor's discretion.

A student may be registered for a course which he or she decides to challenge instead. In that case, the student has paid regular tuition and fees for the course, which may be refunded only if the student withdraws by the published refund deadlines; the student must also withdraw in order to avoid earning a grade. The student must make a decision early in order to challenge a course. Please stop by the Enrollment Services office or email us at for more details.

Please note these challenge exceptions:

  • Activity courses may not be challenged
  • Courses taken previously at regionally accredited institutions may not be challenged.
  • Courses previously taken for audit at EvCC may not be challenged
  • An individual course may be challenged only once