Journalism & Media Communication

The Journalism Program teaches students the skills to report, write, edit, produce and design a print and online newspaper with emphasis on the importance of a free and responsible press. Ethics, accuracy and the power of the media are key topics in our program. In addition, students focus on the Web as a driving force in the way journalists currently think about and present the news. Students take complementary courses in graphic design, web design and photography to round out their preparation for the field of journalism.

The Clipper, the student newspaper, is a centerpiece of the program. Journalism students are encouraged to take multiple quarters of The Clipper class as part of their preparation for the news business and transfer to a four-year institution. The Clipper is a hands-on, real-life journalism experience in which the student journalists report, write, edit, produce, design and deliver journalism via their print newspaper and continuously updated multimedia website.

Program Outcomes

Students successfully completing a degree with an emphasis in journalism at EvCC will satisfy specific program outcomes.  Students will be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking and creative problem solving skills to a variety of journalism and publication issues.
  • Demonstrate news-gathering skills, including research and interviewing methods.
  • Write grammatically correct, accurate, objective, and comprehensive accounts.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of ethical journalism, including an understanding of the purpose of journalism.
  • Articulate and apply the principles of media literacy.