Faculty and Staff

T. Andrew Wahl

Andrew Wahl is the head of the Journalism & Media Communication program, advising mentoring students, developing curriculum and teaching the full range of journalism and media communication courses offered at EvCC. He has worked at daily newspapers throughout Washington state as a editor, designer, writer and editorial cartoonist. He has also worked  in media communication, serving as communications director for a statewide nonprofit organization, Humanities Washington. Andrew has been involved with student journalism in teaching or some support fashion since 1996. 

Andrew was once a student of Everett Community College, and a previous Editor-in-Chief of The Clipper. He has a bachelor's degree in Comparative U.S. and International Studies from University of Washington Bothell, and a master's degree in Humanities from Fort Hays State University. He is passionate about the First Amendment because it is the bedrock of our society. Andrew is a self-proclaimed "massive comic-book geek" and spends his free time traveling the state to give talks on comics and U.S. history. He also offers a comics studies class every summer at EvCC.

T. Andrew Wahl's Classes and Office Hours

Zaki Hamid

Zaki Barak Hamid is an Arab immigrant from Jordan. In the US since 1994, He received his bachelor’s degree in theater from the University at Albany, and a Master of Fine Arts in classical theatre from the University of Delaware. Zaki teaches Film, Mass Media, and other topics Everett Community College, the Creative Retirement Institute, and OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute at UW He is a program director at Humanities Washington, where he produces hundreds of Humanities themed lectures and discussion programs throughout the state. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, reading, watching endless movies, and cheering on his beloved Seattle Sounders.

If you would like to contact Zaki, contact him at zhamid@everettcc.edu.

Vanessa McVay

Vanessa McVay teaches Introduction to Multimedia at EvCC, and is the Visuals Editor at The Herald newspaper in Everett. Vanessa has been a journalist for more than 25 years, and in that time she has had a variety of jobs in the newsroom, including photojournalist, reporter, copy editor, page designer and news editor. While she has worked at large name papers, her passion lies in working with smaller community news organizations, where she believes journalists provide a crucial service to their communities. In 2012, Vanessa went back to school to get her masters in Multimedia from the University of North Carolina journalism school in Chapel Hill. She enjoys editing audio and video more than shooting it, but is still a die-hard photographer. A fun fact about Vanessa is that she is probably one of the only people you will meet who has scars from a turkey vulture. While she was a copy editor at The Columbian in Vancouver, she volunteered for The Portland Zoo. In a glove mishap, a bratty turkey vulture named Clyde managed to bite her. She got a lot of teasing from her coworkers about getting bitten by a bird that usually eats dead stuff.

If you would like to get in contact with Vanessa, feel free to email her at vmcvay@everettcc.edu

Samantha Chapman

Samantha Chapman is the current program coordinator for the Journalism & Media Communication Program, and a former graduate of the program. Samantha works on a lot of “behind-the-scenes” parts of the program, including outreach and logistics. While Samantha was at EvCC, she was Editor-in-Chief of The Clipper, and began an internship at The Snohomish County Tribune that turned into a freelance position. Currently, Samantha is a student at Washington State University Everett, where she will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Strategic Communication in May. After that, she plans on pursuing a career in the communications industry, preferably in public relations, but she’s not picky. Samantha has also interned for WARM 106.9, and Camp Fire Snohomish County. In her free time, she likes hanging out with her dog Pepper and exploring the beautiful state of Washington.

If you would like to contact Samantha, feel free to email her at schapman@everettcc.edu.