Study Abroad/International Opportunities

Expand your worldview and experience culture first-hand by participating in one of our Study Abroad programs. Study abroad provides you an opportunity to travel, learn another language and make friends around the world.  EvCC Study Abroad Club meetings (Spring 2015): Wednesdays, 3 p.m., GWH 276

2015-2016 Study Abroad programs include:

Dominican Republic

Medical Relief trip for 3rd quarter Nursing students
Dates:          December 2015
Contact:       Candace Whedon


Institution:    Andean Center for Latin American Studies (ACLAS) 
Location:     Quito Ecuador
Dates:         TBA (Summer 2016)              
Cost:           Approx. $2000 per student based on 10-14 students
                   (Includes: tuition, room & board, 2 meals/day, 3 tours)
Contact:      Denny Gibson


Institution:   EvCC (Must be at least 18 years old at time of travel)
Location:     Java/Bali, Indonesia
Dates:         Bali (June 12-22, 2016) (excluding travel time)
                   Central Java extension (optional): (June 23-June 26, 2016) (excluding travel time)
Contact:      Debe Franz


Institution: Otemae University - Hyogo, Japan 
Dates:       Fall Semester - September 2015 - January 2016
                 Spring Semester - April 2016 - July 2016 
Study abroad and internship program for qualified students

Institution:  Aichi Toho University - Nagoya, Japan
Dates:       June 2016
Study abroad and internship program for qualified students

Contact:  Mayumi N. Smith, NBI Program Director or 425-388-9380


Institution:    Univerity of Valladolid
Dates:          For 2015:  Option I: May 25-June 19, June 29-July 24, August 3-28, August 31-September 25;
                                      Option II: October 1-December 16
Contact:       Sarah Willoughby

Future opportunities


Institution:   EvCC
Location:     Winnenden, (Southern) Germany
Dates:         June - July 2017
Contact:      Elke Dinter 

Central America (Route of the Maya)

Institution:    EvCC/Overseas Adventure Travel
Location:     El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize
Dates:         Summer 2017       
Cost:           TBA
Contact:      Cynthia Clarke