Study Abroad/International Opportunities

Expand your worldview and experience culture first-hand by participating in one of our Study Abroad programs. Study abroad provides you an opportunity to travel, learn another language and make friends around the world.

2014-2015 Study Abroad programs include:


Institution:    Andean Center for Latin American Studies (ACLAS)
Location:     Quito Ecuador
Dates:         June 20 - July 5, 2015 (16 days)
                    August 22 - September 5, 2015 (16 days)
Cost:           Approx. $2000 per student based on 10-14 students
                   (Includes: tuition, room & board, 2 meals/day, 3 tours)
Contact:      Denny Gibson


Institution:   EvCC
Location:     Winnenden, (Southern) Germany
Dates:         June - July 2015
Contact:      Elke Dinter 


Institution:   EvCC/ Education Indonesia
Location:     Java/Bali, Indonesia
Dates:         Central/East Java (June 13-30) -- 16 days (excluding travel time)
                    Bali extension (optional): June30-July 1 -- 10 days (excluding travel time)
Cost:           Central/East Java $2587.50 ($162/day) & Bali exension $1250 ($125/day)
Contact:      Cynthia Clarke


Institution:    Univerity of Valladolid
Dates:          For 2015:  Option I: May 25-June 19, June 29-July 24, August 3-28, August 31-September 25;
                                      Option II: October 1-December 16
Contact:       Sarah Willoughby

Future opportunities:

Costa Rica

Institutions:    CPI Heredia and UGA Costa Rica
Dates:            TBD
Contact:         Linda Berkley or Phebe Shen


Institution:  Otemae University - Hyogo, Japan
Dates:        Fall Semester - September 2015 - January 2016
                  Spring Semester - April 2016 - July 2016 
Study abroad and internship program for qualified students

Institution:  Aichi Toho University - Nagoya, Japan
Dates:        June 2016
Study abroad and internship program for qualified students

Contact:  Mayumi N. Smith, NBI Program Director or 425-388-9380

Dominican Republic

Medical Relief trip for 3rd quarter Nursing students
Dates:          TBD
Contact:       Candace Whedon