Steps for Using Accommodations

Four to six weeks before the next quarter begins:

  • Meet with your assigned advisor to discuss what classes you should take next quarter.

Things to keep in mind when scheduling classes:

  • Try not to schedule classes back-to-back if you are planning on using Exam Accommodations. You don't want to miss your second class while using extra time on a test in your first class.

  • Leave a break between classes if you have difficulty concentrating. This will give you time to regain focus or recopy notes from what you just learned, which will help you retain the information better.

  • Leaving a break between classes is also a good idea if you have difficulties getting from class to class. By scheduling yourself time to stop and rest, you will be better prepared for your next class.

  • Pay attention to your course load. Will you be overloaded with credits? If so, work with your advisor to arrange a schedule that you will be able to handle.

  • Register for classes.  Use Priority Registration if you are eligible.  Priority Registration dates can be found in the Class Schedule.  

Steps for using Accommodations:

Submit a Request for Services form to CDS with a copy of your schedule attached within 5 days of your registration date.

  • If you receive alternative format books (audio books) turn in your book list with your RFS.

Pick up your faculty letters either before the first day of the quarter or during the first week:

  • If you receive alternative format books (audio books) check on your book status during this visit, your books will be emailed to your STUDENT email when they are ready.

  • If you need to check out equipment like an audio recorder or keyboard, pick up equipment during this visit.

  • If you use a locker, fill out your locker check out form and get your locker code during this visit.

  • If taking online courses, check your STUDENT email for your online letter

Meet with each of your instructors during the first week of class to discuss your accommodations. Please do this in a private meeting. Instructors will not accept letters handed to them after class.

During the first week, check if all of your accommodations are in place:

  • If you use notetaking, look for your notetaker by finding a student with a bright green notecard on their desk, to get your notes each day. If you chose email, check your student email address.

  • If you use furniture, check for your last 4 digits of your student number on the furniture in your classrooms.

  • If you use alternative format, check your STUDENT email for book files or contact CDS to check on status.

  • Inform CDS right away of any issues with your accommodations

Return your signature pages after you have given instructors your letter.  Let us know of any issues (not finding a notetaker in class, not having chairs).

If you receive testing accommodations, and use the CDS testing center, make sure your instructor has turned in the orange form before your first test.

  • Check your testing schedule in your student email

  • Let us know if you need to change your test schedule at any point in the quarter, test day and time changes must be approved by your instructor.

  • Pick up a test bag to bring to your instructor 2-3 days before each test.


Always contact CDS ASAP if you drop a class or change your schedule

Contact CDS at 425-388-9272 or