Faculty and Staff CDS Information

While working at Everett Community College you may encounter students with various types of disabilities. Students with learning, health, sensory, physical, psychological or temporary disabilities are eligible to receive services through the Center for Disability Services (CDS) office on campus. Students who require disability-related academic accommodations should be working with the CDS office to receive appropriate accommodations. However, some students are not aware of our office and should be referred if they approach you for accommodations.

How do students receive accommodations from CDS?

In order for students to receive accommodations, they must provide documentation of their disability from a health care professional to the CDS office. They must then meet with the CDS Director to establish appropriate accommodations. Once accommodations have been established, the students should make an appointment with their instructors at the beginning of the quarter to review their “Faculty Letter” from CDS. This letter explains the types of accommodations deemed appropriate for that student.

What types of accommodations does CDS provide?

Examples of accommodations that may be provided to students include but are not limited to notetaking services, books in alternative format (Braille, audio, large print or electronic format), permission to  record lectures, copies of overhead transparencies shown in class, ASL interpreters, adjustable chairs or additional time to complete exams. Students who need books in alternative format may need to contact their instructors well before the quarter begins (six weeks or more) to request a book list, syllabus or reading instructions. This accommodation is requested early due to the fact that obtaining text in alternative format takes a great deal of time.

Please feel free to contact the CDS office at 425-388-9272 (extension 9272 on campus) if you have any questions or concerns regarding disability accommodations.