Student Emergency Fund

Had an emergency?
Thinking of dropping out because of it?

EvCC's Student Emergency Fund may be able to help. The fund was created to give loans or grants to students for sudden, urgent, unforeseen occurrences that require immediate attention to keep a student in college. Please review the Student Emergency Policy .

Pays For

The Student Emergency Fund has been used to help students with utilities, bus passes, gas cards, EvCC parking passes (Disabled parking only), food, ferry fees and classes (ESL & ABE only). These are limited, non-state dollars acquired through grants, donations, and fundraising. This is a resource of last resort.

Not For

Funds are not available for tuition. No allocations are made for items such as phone bills, ongoing income shortages for rent/mortgage and other household bills, or for existing medical/dental expenses.

Who Qualifies

  • Recipients must be EvCC students currently eligible for PELL or state Financial Aid as determined through the Financial Aid Office, and have a cumulative 2.0 GPA.
  • GED and High School Completion students will be considered on an individual basis for consideration of a loan or grant.

Exceptions: Emergency assistance to non-eligible students may be allocated based on a personal assessment and income status. This will be determined by the Student Emergency Fund manager, for funds in the amount of $50 or less.

Maximum Amount

The maximum loan or grant administered per person may be up to $400 upon availability of funds. In the majority of cases, only partial need will be considered.


The Student Emergency Fund manager makes emergency fund allocation decisions. All assistance may be reported to the Financial Aid Office and may affect need when calculating financial aid eligibility and awards.

Loans and Grants

A loan repayment schedule will be worked out with each individual. Upon availability of funds, grants may be allocated when repayment of such funds would create ongoing financial hardship.  However, all other resources must be depleted prior to determination for a grant allocation from the Student Emergency Fund.

How to Get Help. Have questions. Contact Brian

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Brian Ramos in EvCC's Workforce Funding Office. He is the college's Student Emergency Fund manager. You can reach him at 425-388-9166, via email or stop by his office in the Parks Student Union, Room 307.