Traffic Fine Collection

  1. Traffic Regulations of Everett Community College - Enforcement 132E16
  2. Parking on the Everett Community College campus is by parking permit. 132E-16-010
  3. Traffic Violation Notice issued (moving/non-moving) 132E-16-008
    Resolution of fines and penalties are the responsibility of the traffic violator. 132E-16-240(6)
  4. Traffic Violation Notice - Appeal 132E-16-230
    A written appeal may be made for five (5) working days following the issue of a traffic violation notice. You may print out the Traffic Violation Notice - Appeal Form Acrobat PDF Reader Icon and mail or deliver to the Security Office. Your signature is required. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.

    If no response from traffic violator . . .

  5. Five (5) working days following the issue of a traffic violation notice, a reminder letter is mailed to the traffic violator's home of record.*

    In addition to reminding the traffic violator that the traffic fine must be paid, the letter will also outline the subsequent procedures for failure to pay the fine.

    * NOTE: If the USPO returns a letter as undeliverable because of a bad address, the address will be rechecked against EvCC records and/or Department of Motor Vehicle Ownership records. If the address is corrected, a new letter will be sent and timelines will be refreshed, however, if no new address information is located, the process will proceed to debt recovery.

    If no response from the traffic violator…

  6. Fifteen (15) working days following the mailing of the reminder letter, a second letter will be mailed to the traffic violator's home of record.* The second letter will advise the traffic violator that if. . .
    • The traffic violator is a student, the student's ability to register for classes, to access grades for current classes and to obtain transcripts will be blocked until the fine is paid, and
    • Unpaid traffic fines will be sent to a recovery agency for collection.
    • The traffic fine is not paid within ten (10) working days from the date appearing at the top of the letter, the traffic violator's parking permit will be subject to revocation, and
    • Reinstatement of parking privileges will only be allowed following the complete payment of unresolved traffic fines and the purchase of a "New" parking permit, and
    • If the traffic violator's parking on campus following the revocation of their parking permit, the traffic violator's vehicle will be treated as not having a parking permit, and 132E-16-130(3)
    • Each day the vehicle is discovered parked on campus, an additional traffic violation notice shall be issued. Upon the issue of a fourth (4th) unresolved traffic violation notice, a "TOW" notice will be placed on the violator's vehicle and upon issue of a fifth (5th) unresolved traffic violation notice, the traffic violator's vehicle will be impounded from the EvCC campus at the owner's expense. 132E-16-280

    Unpaid traffic violations are unpaid debt owed to Everett Community College 132E-16-240(6)

  7. Failure to pay an EvCC traffic fine will result in a transfer of the fine(s) to a debt recovery (collection) agency. The unpaid fine will be sent to the recovery agency on the last working day of the month following the mailing of the second reminder letter.