College in the High School

What is the College in the High School (CHS) Program?

Everett Community College's College in the High School program is a cooperative program between local school districts and EvCC. The program allows high school students the opportunity to earn EvCC college credit while simultaneously earning their high school credit for approved advanced high school courses. The courses are taught by qualifying high school teachers who work closely with EvCC faculty mentors to insure that the work that the students perform in the high school course is equivalent to a similar course taught on campus.

Once you have a Student Identification # (SID), and completed compass testing (if required), click on the "Register Here" link.

Interested in how the credits transer? Surf the websites of a variety of colleges and universities.

Register Here

Information Sessions (find out about the program requirements) CHS vs. Adv. Placement & Running Start 
3 Step Process to Complete Registration  Cost & Fees 
Apply for Admissions  Deadlines & Important Dates 
All About Compass Placement Testing  Policies
Course Descriptions and Prerequisites
(not all courses are available at every school)
Transcripts (View grades and records)

Please Note: If you are also a Running Start student it is important that you register for your Running Start classes before you register for your College in the High School classes. Failure to do so may require you to register for Running Start classes in person rather than online and that increases the chance that the class is full before you are able to register in-person.