Procedures in the Event of Fire in or Near College Buildings

  1. Sound the fire alarm bell and immediately evacuate the building. Do not attempt to put out any fire, no matter how small, before sounding the fire alarm bell. Campus Security will notify the Fire Department/Police: 911.
  2. Evacuate the building and maintain control of students and staff a safe distance away from the building and any fire-fighting equipment.
  3. Notify the following as soon as possible:
  • President’s Office 388-9572  (Ext.9572 on campus)
  • Director of Campus Safety @ 388-9915  (Ext.9915 on campus)
  • Vice President of Administrative Services @ 388-9253  (Ext.9253 on campus)
  • Vice-president for Student Services @ 388-9588 or 388-9589 (Ext.9588 or 9589 on campus)