Procedures in the Event of a Nuclear Accident

EvCC is located within the perimeter of an area that will be affected by a nuclear accident at Naval Station Everett. It is highly likely that a nuclear accident would make the following steps superfluous, but there are no other known alternatives at this time.

Imminent Alert (Red) - Take Cover

  1. Alert staff and students with short staccato buzzes on fire alarm system or hand alarm.
  2. Everyone is to seek shelter in interior hallways.
  3. Students and staff are to crouch on the floor with knees drawn up to read, back of neck covered with arms, eyes closed until alert is over.
  4. If there is time, have faculty and staff close shades and blinds in classrooms and offices.
  5. Remain until “All Clear” signal is sounded or notified of an “All Clear” by Campus Security.

Dispersal Alert (Yellow) - Building Evacuation

  1. Alert staff and students with a series of two distinct alternating short and long rings on fire alarm system or hand alarm.
  2. Listen for appropriate public service broadcasts for further directions.

The following radio and television stations will broadcast College information:

KSER/FM (90.7 FM) KING TV - Channel 5
KRKO - Everett (1380 AM) KOMO TV - Channel 4
KIRO - Seattle (710 AM) KIRO TV - Channel 7
KOMO - Seattle (1000 AM)