Procedures in the Event of Student Demonstrations

Student demonstrations and other on-site disturbances

  1. When a student demonstration occurs or appears imminent, it is important to remain calm, to use good judgment and to listen. Over-reacting may escalate the problem. Call security at 9998.
  2. Instruct all students to remain in or return to their classes. Attempt to keep students in class but DO NOT use force. Keep hallways clear of students as much as possible. Notify the immediate Division Dean, Vice-president for Student Services (9589) and the President’s office (9572). Help and assistance from the college security will be provided as needed.
  3. The College President, Vice-president for Student Services, or appropriate Division Dean should attempt to get student leaders into an empty classroom for conversations. If there are no observable student leaders, suggest that the student demonstrators select somebody to meet with administrative officials to discuss the matter. Discuss complaints with the student demonstrators. Do not be in a hurry and have a secretary or other staff member take notes.
  4. Key administrative, faculty and staff personnel should report to posts that have been assigned by the President’s Office or by Division Deans and perform the following tasks if the student demonstration escalates:
    • Have garbage cans and wastebasket containers removed. (Place in a locked room if possible.)
    • Consider locking lavatories, having someone on duty there to admit only those necessary.
    • Decide what to do about meal service and comfort breaks. If necessary, confine-demonstrating students in a predetermined restricted area.
    • Close the campus.
  5. The general public should be told not to enter the college grounds or try to contact the President and other Administrative Officials during an on-campus, student demonstration or other on-site disturbance.
  6. Do not hesitate to call the police before a situation becomes unmanageable.