Cost and Estimated Expenses

You need to be prepared for the following expenses while studying at EvCC.

International student 2017 - 2018 cost and estimated expenses 


9 months
(3 quarters)

Per Quarter
(3 months)

Tuition and Fees * $ 9,069 $ 3,023
Books and Supplies $ 1,050 $    350
Rooms and Board** $ 8,200 $ 2,734
Personal/Miscellaneous*** $ 1,050 $    350
Health Insurance $  1,098 $    366
Estimated Total**** $ 20,467 $ 6,823

* Tuition listed above is based on studying 12 credits per quarter of academic classes only. Immigration requires that students study at least 12 credits per quarter. Intensive English Program, levels 1 and 2, will be required to take 18 credits. All students, regardless of the type of courses being taken, will be charged other fees such as a lab fee and parking fee, depending on their use. Tuition is due at the time of registration.
** Cost listed reflects living in a 4 bedroom apartment with a 3 quarter lease in on-campus housing (Cedar Hall). Cost of meal plan not included. This works out to be $912 per month. If you maintain a 3.3 GPA (grade point average), you could earn up to $1,200 discount, if you sign a 12 month lease. This works out to be $670 per month.  
***Personal/Miscellaneous expenses reflect about $115 per month. Depending on your lifestyle, personal expenses may change.
****For Aviation, AvionicsCosmetology and Welding majors please view the Cost and Estimated Expenses for these programs.

International student tuition rates for 2017 - 2018 academic year

The following is a cost per credit breakdown for academic classes only:*

Other Non-Residents

Credits   Amount per quarter
12   $3,022.68
13   $3,081.82
14   $3,140.96
15   $3,200.10
16   $3,259.24
17   $3,318.38
18   $3,377.52
19   $3,648.88
20   $3,920.24

* Cost for Intensive English Language courses vary per quarter and can be found in the individual course listings (

Q & A

Can International Students Wire Money to Pay for Tuition and Fees?

Yes, for tuition and fees and on-campus housing fees only. Funds cannot be wired to this account for homestay expenses.

STEP 1: When you wire the money, and to ensure that the money is posted efficiently into the correct student's account, please include the following:

  1. Sudent's first and last name
  2. Student's Date of Birth
  3. EvCC Student ID number

STEP 2: Our banking information is:


Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Bank ABA Number:
Account Name:
Account Number:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Email Address:


US Bank
1702 Hewitt Avenue, Everett, WA 98201
Everett Community College
Lisa Smith

Are International Students Required to Have Health Insurance?

Yes, all international students must demonstrate that they have adequate health insurance. Medical care in the US is very good, but very expensive. The College offers a quarterly policy for $366 per quarter, mandatory to all international students. Students approved for vacation quarter can choose to have no insurance, but will be responsible for any medical expenses accrued during this time. Insurance fees will not be reimbursed after the 25th calendar day from the quarter start date. This plan does not cover dental or vision.

Can International Students Work On-Campus?

International students are eligible to work on-campus, part-time. If you are interested in this you must speak with the International Student Advisor first, since a U.S. Social Security Number must be obtained before employment can begin. There are a number of student employment positions available at the College. Students can generally apply for jobs in various areas on campus, some of which include: Student Life, Staff Services, and Maintenance. Jobs on campus are competitive, and we cannot guarantee that you will find a job, therefore it is not recommended that you plan on having income from an on-campus job in order to pay your expenses. In almost every case, off-campus employment is not allowed for international students.

Are There Scholarships Available for International Students?

International students are eligible to apply for regular College scholarships. Scholarships are usually awarded to students with high grades who also have demonstrated additional talents and involvement in the College. The deadline for scholarships is usually in March.

Can International Students Apply for Financial Aid?

No, international students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid programs.