Complaint Mediation and Resolution Resources

If you are having difficulty with a person, office, or department at Everett Community College (EVCC), your first option is to meet with that person or someone from that office to discuss your concern. You may also utilize the on-campus grievance procedures listed in the EVCC Student Rights, Responsibilities & Policies

Center for Disability Services (CDS) is available to offer assistance to students by mediating problematic issues. As many problems are a result of misunderstandings, CDS is often able to assist in resolving complaints or misunderstandings quickly. CDS can also appropriately refer students to other offices or individuals who can assist with resolution. Students are welcome to contact the CDS Director if they are having difficulties or have a complaint about the CDS office. Please feel free to drop in at Parks 267 or call (425) 388-9272 (voice) or (425) 388 9438(TTY).

Everett Community College has established both formal and informal grievance procedures for students to utilize when necessary.

When making a complaint, be specific. Document the incident(s) and the action(s) taken. Be thorough in your documentation and include the dates, times, names and a statement explaining the interactions. State the name of the individual(s) or office(s) you believe have discriminated against you, when the incident occurred, and describe the incident. If you are attempting to resolve a problem that includes a number of offices, it is important to let each office know what other efforts you have made to try to resolve the complaint. Keep a record of all written correspondence between yourself and the various offices with which you work.

There is a Student Affairs Grievance Procedure (WAC 132E-120-370) in place for students who have evidence that he/she has been: Unfairly treated in matters related to student services/student auxiliary services, policies, procedures or expectations. In cases where a student is not satisfied with the accommodations offered by CDS, the student would first contact the Vice President of Instruction & Student Services. If satisfaction is not achieved, the student should utilize the Student Affairs Grievance Procedure, which can be found in the Student Rights and Responsibilities of the Student Handbook.

There is an Academic Grievance Procedure (WAC 132E-120-360) in place for students who have evidence that he/she has been: Unfairly treated in matters relating to grading, course policies or expectations; falsely accused of cheating; or inappropriately penalized for alleged cheating. Please consult Everett Community College Student Handbook for detailed information on this procedure.

There is also a Discrimination / Sexual Harassment (132E-120-380) procedure in place for students who feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, color, age, sex or national origin. In this event, the Discrimination/Sexual Harassment procedure (WAC 132 120-380) should be followed. Please consult Everett Community College Student Handbook for detailed information on this procedure.

If your complaint/grievance remains unresolved to your satisfaction after following the college’s informal and formal grievance procedures, you may be interested in contacting the organizations listed below to receive assistance with mediation or to file a complaint.

The Washington State Human Rights CommissionExternal Site Link can be contacted at 1-800-233-3247 (voice) or 1-800-300-7525 (TTY) to file a complaint(s) outside of the Everett Community College System.

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR)External Site Link in the U.S. Department of Education handles complaints pertaining to post-secondary institutions. When a student is not satisfied with the on-campus efforts to resolve a complaint, OCR is usually the place to turn. OCR will examine the factors of the alleged discrimination and interview appropriate persons to establish the facts. You can contact them at 1-800-421-3481(voice) or (877) 521-2172 (TDD).