Policies and Procedures


EvCC1010  Civility Statement  Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC1020P Signature Authority Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC1030  Naming of Facilities Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC1050  Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC1050P  Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Procedure (Early Learning Center Employees) Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC1050F  Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Form Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC1060  Public Records Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 

Business and Finance

EvCC2010  Reserve and Contingency Fund Policy  Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2020P  Budget Management Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2025P Revenue Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2030P Purchasing ProcedureAcrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2040  Investment of District Funds Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2050  Debt Service Limit Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2060P  Candidate Travel Reimbursement Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2065P Travel Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC2070 Commercial Activity Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2090P  Contracting With an EvCC (or other state agency) Employee Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2100P  Purchasing and Personal Services Contract Bid Limits Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2110P  Surplus Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2120  Motor Pool Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2130P Meals and Light Refreshments Procedure  Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2140P  General Equipment Inventory Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2150P  Bi-Annual Equipment Inventory Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2160P  Equipment Purchasing Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC2170D Board of Trustees Compensation Presidential Directive Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC2200P Printing Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC5080 Facilities Use Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon

Human Resources

EvCC3010P  Administrative Sabbaticals Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC3020  Americans With Disabilities Act Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC3030D  Children on Campus Presidential Directive Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3040  Communicable Diseases Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC3060 Drug Free Campus Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC3070  Emergency Campus Closure Advisory Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC3075  Employment of Family Members Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3077P Employment Separation Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3080  Ethics Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC3090  Equal Opportunity / Title IX Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3090P Equal Opportunity / Title IX Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3100  Staff Relationships Policy  Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3100P  Staff Relationships Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3120P  Hiring Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3160 Shared Leave Policy
EvCC3160P  Shared Leave (Procedures)
EvCC3180P  Telecommuting Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC3190  Tobacco Use Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3190P  Tobacco Use Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3200P  Exempt Employee Training Reimbursement Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC3200F  Request for Exempt Staff Training Funds (Application Form) Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3210P Classified Staff Training Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC3240P  Tuition Waiver Procedure (Employees) Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3310  Faith and Conscience Leave Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3300  Family Medical Leave Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3400  Mobile Communications Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC3400F  Mobile Communications Device Use Agreement (Form) Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
  Privacy Policy 
  Whistleblower Procedures for Reporting State Employee Misconduct


EvCC4010  Student Clubs Financial Procedure  acrobat= 
EvCC6080P  Registration Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
EvCC6090  Weapons On Campus Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 
  Student Rights, Responsibilities & Policies Acrobat PDF Reader Icon 


  CTCNet Acceptable Use Policy
EvCC7010  Computers & Networks Acceptable Use Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC7010P  Computers & Networks Acceptable Use Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC7020  Internet Technology Security Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC7020P  Internet Technology Security Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC7030  Software Licensing Compliance and Installation Policy Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
EvCC7030P  Software Licensing Compliance and Installation Procedure Acrobat PDF Reader Icon

Union Bargaining Agreements

•                        American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Collective Bargaining Agreement Acrobat PDF Reader Icon  
•   Washington State Federation of State Employees (WSFSE) Collective Bargaining Agreement Acrobat PDF Reader Icon  
•   2016-2018 AFT Exempt Agreement Acrobat PDF Reader Icon