Procedures in the Event of Chemical Spills

  1. In the event of a chemical spill in a college building, students and employees must immediately be moved to a safe location using fire drill procedures (see evacuation procedures).
  2. Call Campus Security at Ext. 9998 (If no answer at Campus Security, immediately call 911 and report the spill).
  3. Call the Director of Campus Safety at ext. 9915 or your immediate supervisor or Dean.
  4. When a chemical spill occurs outside of a college building, follow the advice of the firefighters and/or law enforcement officers.
  5. Wait for word from authorities before returning to the college.


  1. The college will train and inform all employees of potentially hazardous materials in the work place.
  2. Each location on campus having hazardous materials has a Chemical Hazard Notebook that contains Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for hazardous products. All hazardous substance containers should be clearly labeled. Hazardous chemicals transferred to other containers must be labeled.
  3. Labels are provided at each location.