Special Admission for Underage Students

Special admission options for students under 18 years of age who do not hold a High School diploma or GED and who are not in Running Start, College in the High School or Tech Prep.

Admission to EvCC is typically reserved for persons who are age 18 or older, or who have earned their high school diploma or GED. (Admission is also offered to applicants who are high school seniors and who expect to earn their high school diploma prior to enrolling). However, the following options are in place for young students who are still in high school and not in other approved "dual enrollment" programs, such as Running Start, Youth Re-engagement, College in the High School or High School Completion- student in those programs follow specific policies.

For Fall, Winter, or Spring enrollment

The College does not desire to replace or duplicate the functions of the local public schools; however, admission exceptions for students who do not meet our regular admission policy may be considered. To apply for special admission, the applicant must contact the High School Relations Office located in Parks Student Union. You can contact them by calling 425-388-9073.

Once admitted underage students must meet two additional requirements each quarter.  Students must complete a Quarterly Release Form and obtain instructor permission for the classes they wish to take.  Once the student has completed those two requirements, they will be able to register by visiting Enrollment Services.  Underage Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to all college policies.

Click here for the Underage Admissions Quarterly Release Form 

Summer Quarter only

The SummerSmart Program is aimed at students under the age of 18 who do not have a high school diploma or GED and who want to register in one or more summer classes. Contact Tove Price in Enrollment Services at 425-388-9008 and ask for SummerSmart information.

Young students admitted for any Quarter are regarded as regular students and subject to all policies and procedures of the College. Parents should be aware that the College communicates exclusively with the student, and (unlike the practice at high school) does not communicate with the parents or family regarding student attendance, achievement, etc. Regular tuition rates are charged for enrollment by students under these options; financial aid is not available.

Non-credit, Continuing Education, and Community Service courses are not included in this policy. For those classes, students must gain the approval of the instructor. The instructor is not compelled to give approval, and should be convinced that the student can function in his/her class.