Information for Teachers and Administrators

Teachers and Administrators

High school teachers benefit from the experience of teaching a college-level course, setting higher standards for students, and helping to prepare students for higher education. Each participating teacher is sponsored by an Everett Community College (EvCC) faculty member who can assist in curriculum development and provide valuable supplemental materials and teaching methodology.

Teacher Handbook (includes procedures to login to view roster or post grades & teacher responsibilities list) Acrobat PDF Reader Icon

View your rosters. (

Teachers are required to attend a minimum of 2 hours of discipline specific professional development each year. If you did not attend the fall meeting please complete the professional development form Acrobat PDF Reader Icon and submit to

Teacher and Course Eligibility

Requirements vary depending on the subject matter, and are determined by the EvCC academic departments involved.

Appropriate academic department and the division dean review each application to insure that teacher’s credentials meet the college’s minimum hiring standards and determine that a high school course content and text are equivalent to the college’s course. In addition, eligibility will include assurance of meeting National Association of Concurrent Enrollment Program (NACEP) Accreditation Standards. Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
Contact the appropriate college faculty for curriculum questions. Acrobat PDF Reader Icon

Steps for Teacher and Course Approval:

  1. Determine that your course may match a college course by reviewing the Everett Community College catalog.
  2. Review the Minimum Qualifications Word Document Icon for the subject area you are applying for.
  3. Obtain approval from the high school principal to apply to the program. An email to your principal with your intent and a response from the principal with approval - print email or forward email to
  4. Complete the Employment Application Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
  5. Develop your course syllabus including textbook information (helpful to include a copy of the Table of Contents with chapter/topics covered), student learning objectives, course assignments, course calendar, and assessment information. (For Mathematics a copy of the Table of Contents is required with an indication of chapter/topics covered)
    High School Instructors applying to participate in the CHS program are advised that all syllabi and assignments must include current EvCC/Department Learning Objectives for each course listed on the application. Syllabi indicating AP status alone are not sufficient for receiving EvCC credit.
    Include in your syllabus what grade level your students are. Only students in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades may participate in the program.

  6. English teachers only: please review these documents:
    Comprehensive Program Learning Objectives Word Document Icon
    Critical thinking compendium Word Document Icon
    Critical Thinking Rubric Acrobat PDF Reader Icon
  7. Submit employment application, resume, unofficial transcripts, course syllabus, a sample of a major assessment (exam, project, essay), and textbook information to:

    Karen Landry
    College in the High School
    2333 Seaway Blvd.
    Everett, WA 98203

    Electronic email is the preferred method to submit your application materials Or fax to 425-259-8299

Teacher Compensation & Roles and Expectations

The EvCC courses are considered part of the teacher's contracted work. S/he is paid by the school district. EvCC pays the teacher a stipend for attending the mandatory fall meeting, professional development activity and other administrative work associated with participating in the program. The teacher responsibilities and expectations are outlined in both the High School Teacher Guidelines Acrobat PDF Reader Icon and in the inter-agency agreement between EvCC and the school district. Downlaod the agreement templateAcrobat PDF Reader Icon

Paycheck Distribution

The college distributes paychecks in two ways: 1) Direct deposit. 2) Focus Card. With the Focus Card, your pay will be deposited onto a prepaid Visa® card. The Focus Card can be used to make purchases or get cash everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. It’s not a credit card and there is no cost to enroll.

All instructors will complete a Payment Authorization form and select either Direct Deposit or Focus Card as part of the hiring document packet. Note: after enrolling in direct deposit, the first check will be mailed so that a test electronic funds transfer can be made; all subsequent payroll will be directly deposited.

Payroll dates for the 2015-16 year are: 
First semester only: Febuary 24, 2017
All year and second semester only: July 10, 2017