Information for Students and Parents

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Are you also a Running Start student?

If you are also a Running Start student it is important that you register for your Running Start classes before you register for your College in the High School classes. Failure to do so may require you to register for Running Start classes in person rather than online and that increases the chance that the class is full before you are able to register in-person.

Registration Deadlines

Each step in the process (1- Apply for Admission, 2- Complete Compass Placement Testing, and 3-Register and Pay Online) have a registration deadline; students must complete each process by the deadline in order to receive college credit. See deadlines on the right bar of this page.

Students should ask their high school teacher if their course is a one-semester, full-year, or second semester course. The number of credits earned at the high school varies. Some courses are 5 credits for the full year, some are 5 credits per semester. The high school teacher can advise on course credit equivalancy and costs.

Pre-registration Requirements & Prerequisites

Payment and Costs

Deadlines/Apply for Admission/Compass Testing/Registration & Payment/Refund & Withdraw

EvCC Student Rights, Responsibilities & Policies

Everett Community College follows a number of guidelines that support a civil and respectful environment and provide procedures to assure fair treatment.

Earned College in the High School credit last year and forgot your username or password?

If you have forgotten your username or password you can receive this information via email or have it reset. External Site Link


Grades awarded for the college credit can be different from the grade the student is awarded by the high school. If you are on a 504 or IEP plan please note that a Pass or Fail grade is not an option for this program. View the EvCC grading policy 

Deferred Payment Plan

Everett Community offers a payment plan for students who need more time to pay their tuition and fees.
Students pick up a “Deferred Tuition – Short Term” Acrobat PDF Reader Icon form from CCEC or request a digital copy or mailing. The student must complete the form and submit it to CCEC staff, who will verify that the first 50% of tuition and fees are paid, and then finalize the process with the student and parent.  Both parent and student signatures are required to be eligible for the Tuition Deferral. The parent will be considered the responsible party for all payments.