Art on the EvCC Campus

We believe that works of art enrich our college environment and expand the awareness of students, the campus, and the community as a whole. It is the goal of EvCC to integrate art into building projects as part of the initial design. In addition to the permanent collection, the college hosts an annual Outdoor Sculpture Garden. These loaned pieces are installed during Fall quarter each year.

The Art Collections Committee is appointed by the college president to assist with collection development and management. The Committee meets monthly during fall, winter and spring quarters.

Current Campus Art Collection

  1. "The Day the Wall Came Down"
    Artist: Veryl Goodnight
  2. "Everett Arbour"
    Artist: Anna Valentina Murch
  3. "Killer Whale/Thunderbird"
    Artist: Odin Lonning
  4. "The Universal Totem"
    Artist: Alex Paul Sr. and Family
  5. "Firefighter's Plaza"
    Artist: Larry Anderson
  6. "Connecting Logic"
    Artist: Laura Sindell
  7. "Feather Star"
    Artist: Ali Baudoin
  8. "Yu'pik Tribe Fur Seal Mask"
    Artist: Dallas M. "Gray Eagle" Singhurst II
  9. "Russell Day Gallery"
  10. "Henry M. Jackson Bas Relief"
    Artist: Lawrence Bendoski
  11. "Split"
    Artist: James Lapp
  12. "The Theory of Everything"
    Aritst: Fernanda D'Agostino